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 PUBG Mobile was one of the best gaming platforms where most people spend their time. The game can be played on both mobile phones and computers using various simulation programs.

The game would be more exciting if the player bought a Royal Card, right? With a royal pass, one can get a variety of dresses, different weapon designs, new emojis, and many more exciting things. But it doesn't come for free in PUBG Mobile. Have you ever wondered if you could get the Season 14 Royal Pass for free? It's possible?

On this season's royal pass, there are even more exciting rewards and new dresses. You also get skins for the Shot gun and for the M416.

If it is possible. You can buy a Royal Pass without buying UC with your money. Generally speaking, it costs 600 UC to have a real permit, and to purchase that amount of UC, the user has to spend around $ 9.99.

This large amount is not affordable for many players, but they also want to get real permission. But don't worry now, I've brought you the best way to get the Season 14 Royal Pass totally FREE. You don't need to spend a single money for that.

Can we really get the Season 14 Royal Pass totally free?

Yes, you can get enough PUBG UC to buy a Royal Pass and also to use many other things. You can use UC for turn events and get a M416 ice skin, you can also get a new AWM look when turning.

How can we get the Season 14 Royal Pass absolutely free? You can earn enough UC to buy a Royal Pass just by using an app called mGamer. In the app, you just have to play certain games, complete certain missions and voila, you'll get free UC.

What is mGamer?

MGamer is an Android-based application that generally provides free game currency for your favorite mobile games (PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, Lords Mobile). The application is called mGamer - Win Free Diamonds, UC, Royal Pass & Cash on the Google Play Store.

  • Size: 13 m
  • Installs: 1,000,000+
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and higher
  • download now

The more you complete the tasks here in this app, the more you will get UC. All you have to do is download the application from the given link or you can download it directly from the Play Store. After downloading, installing and logging in with your Google or Facebook account. After doing this, you will see an interface like the following:

In this app, all you have to do is collect as many coins as possible and replace them later with PUBG Mobile UC. The app offers 35 UC for a total of 4,000 coins and 75 UC for 7,900 coins. You can also redeem 8 UC of 1000 coins. However, I suggest you make the most of UC.

In the screenshot above, you can see different ways to collect coins. You can play and earn coins, but it is a bit more difficult. Watching video ads will give you 5 coins. It will take this life to make the required amount of coins. Therefore, I will suggest you the best way to collect the maximum amount of coins.

On the Surveys tab, you will be assigned certain tasks. Tasks differ from country to country. Some missions offer 1000 coins, while others offer more than 10,000 coins as well.

Also, the best way to collect a large quantity of coins is to hover over the task tabs. In this tab, you will see many tasks, but all you have to select is the following.

In the Tasks section, select Task AG or Task AD. You will see the following tasks. (Remember: tasks may vary from country to country). After selecting any of these tasks, you will be prompted with the following tasks:

There you can see the different missions that will give you more than 100,000 coins, with which you can obtain 1,000 UC from a single mission. Also, there are many other missions where you can get thousands of coins and get hundreds of CU in return.

Select any task from the list and fill in the way they are said in the task and BOOM. I finished !

Do you want proof of payment?

You may be wondering if all of these are true and if they have already sent UC to your PUBG ID. Don't panic, I have proof of that drive too. After collecting a sufficient amount of coins, you can retrieve UC and enter your PUBG ID. After going through this process, your UC PUBG will be shipped within 24 hours to 48 hours. Sometimes it may take longer, but they will definitely send you a UC.

This is a screenshot of a successful recovery. I collected almost 200 CU from this app. You can also do this and collect the required amount of UC and also get a Royal Pass for season 14.

That's it for Royal Pass of Season 14 completely free.

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